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Silent Voices by Kevin Dellinger


Gone Country by Kevin Dellinger

Country Single - Gone Country by Kevin Dellinger

Anyone Who Knows What Love Is

Feature Cover Song - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is


Silent Voices is a new alternative post-punk indie electronic album. It is my new project. It was released 3/31/2020. Download from Apple Music now. Or you can download the 7 track album from this website.

Angels of Atonement has been officially released. Check it out. If you like relaxing spiritual electronic music, you will enjoy it.

Enjoy the NEW independent country single - "Gone Country." It was released recently. This is the B side to "Lonely Heart."

If there are any other inquiries about tracks you have heard, contact Kevin. He will make sure you find what you are looking for.

The album - "Blue Sparrow" also was released early this year in 2020. Check it out. 

The most recent 7 track EP released is called - "Headroom Seducer." 

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Kevin Dellinger Holds Lightning

This is the Official website for Kevin Dellinger. Kevin Dellinger is an independent alternative electronic recording artist. This website contains alternative electronic music. All digital products were created by Kevin Dellinger. If you are a Fan, then you have come to the correct website.  There is so much electronic music to explore. Each Electro album and song is unique. If you take the time to listen to each song, you will hear the originality. Some tracks have vocals. Some tracks are purely instrumental. Other tracks are mysterious. More tracks are alternative.  Kevin Dellinger music explores many types of genres. Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy the music!

Begin exploring new music. If you are interested in Kevin's discography start here. The order of albums are from most recent to the oldest. Thank you for listening.

Independent Artist Experience and History:

Studio Recording experience: (1990 - 2020)

Digital Album History: (2000 - 2020)


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