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Lonely Heart by Kevin Dellinger
Merry Christmas With You by Kevin Dellinger

Announcements: Dellinger Radio is no longer available on Podbean. However, you can still listen to Dellinger Radio on this website and the Kevin Dellinger Youtube Channel. Listen to a variety of tracks including many albums by Kevin Dellinger all in one playlist.

Enjoy the new single "Lonely Heart." This is a singer/songwriter music track written for music licensing. However, it is also the first real attempt at writing a Country song. It turned out quite well.

The most recent Holiday release is a Christmas single called - "Merry Christmas With You" by Kevin Dellinger. The most recent album released is called - "Headroom Seducer." Right now, Kevin Dellinger is writing a new dance electronic album. It will be released either in December 2019 or early 2020.

There is also a possibility of Kevin Dellinger music being released in film, commercials and television in the near future. Updates on this will be revealed when this goal is achieved.  Also, if you are interested in buying music direct from Kevin Dellinger, visit the album section of this website. Thank you for visiting

P.S. - "Lost Girl From Long Ago" is getting pretty popular on Spotify - so you can buy that track directly from this website by following this link. It will be track number 6. If there are any other inquiries about tracks you have heard, contact Kevin. He will make sure you find what you are looking for.

Kevin Dellinger Holds Lightning

This is the Official website for Kevin Dellinger. Kevin Dellinger is an independent alternative electronic recording artist. This website contains alternative electronic music. All digital products were created by Kevin Dellinger. If you are a Fan, then you have come to the correct website.  There is so much electronic music to explore. Each Electro album and song is unique. If you take the time to listen to each song, you will hear the originality. Some tracks have vocals. Some tracks are purely instrumental. Other tracks are mysterious. More tracks are alternative.  Kevin Dellinger music explores many types of genres. Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy the music!

Begin exploring new music. If you are interested in Kevin's discography start here. The order of albums are from most recent to the oldest. Thank you for listening.

Independent Artist Experience and History:

Studio Recording experience: (1990 - 2019)

Digital Album History: (2000 - 2019)

Number of Digital Albums and EPs so far: 36

Number of Original Singles: 6

Number of Licensed Cover Songs: 9

Number of National Talent Contests Won: 2

Location: Opryland Hotel, Nashville TN. USA

1st place in Singer/Songwriter and Vocals - 1994

1st place in Singer/Songwriter - 1995

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