Kevin Dellinger - 2019

Kevin Dellinger - 2019

Kevin Dellinger Biography

Kevin Dellinger (born November 22, 1972) is an American composer, producer, artist, and author. Born in Santa Maria, California, He relocated to Virginia. He began his journey in electronic composing in his early college days. His fascination for computers followed to a discovery of midi synthesizer composing. Self taught discovery in the retro age of sequencing found an electronic sound. His unique style derived from british alternative bands, new wave, and progressive american alternative music. Kevin began recording original alternative music in his late teens and early 20s. His first time in the recording studio was in 1990, in Radford, Virginia. 

Kevin Dellinger earned his Bachelor's degree at Radford University in 1996. His interest in fine art progressed him to potential creativity. Kevin had an interest in art since high school. Kevin graduated from Christiansburg High in 1990. Then he pursued continuing his education in Radford, Virginia. Kevin had many interests including spirituality and writing. With his philosophical creative mind he ventured into writing, composing, producing, painting, drawing, and singing.  

In 1994 and 1995, Kevin won first place in national talent competitions in songwriter and singing category at the Operyland Hotel in Nashville, TN. He won his first recording contract which moved his music career forward as a recording artist.  Kevin Dellinger has been an independent recording artist for almost 28 years. With over 33 published albums, Kevin continues to write music to this day. Presently, Kevin has been known for indietronica, alternative electronic, and soundtrack music. He started as an alternative artist but has been creative in many genres of music. 

All available on Amazon, Kevin Dellinger has also written several new age books - "Requiem of Jariel - the Angel Chronicles" and "Your Soul Mate." He has also published a coloring book about Dragons called, "Enchanted Dragons." Kevin Dellinger also has a digital art portfolio on Deviant Art. 

Since the birth of the internet, Kevin has created much creative media in music and the arts. Hopefully the world, will discover his personal growth and exploration through his music, art and writing. With the development of music software, Kevin produces and engineers his own music under the label of Kevin Dellinger Productions. You can discover Kevin Dellinger music on all major online music retail stores.

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Alternate Biography

Kevin Dellinger - (born November 22nd 1972)
Place of Birth: Santa Maria, California, USA.
Kevin grew up in Christiansburg and Radford, Virginia and now resides in Hickory, North Carolina. Kevin Dellinger graduated from Radford University in 1996. His major was Bachelor of Science in Art. Kevin had always written electronic music since He was a child. Kevin developed his style of music throughout His life.

Kevin has been recording in the studio since 1990. Kevin Dellinger has recorded over 40 digital albums. Currently, Kevin is strictly an in-house studio electronic composer. Everything is created by Kevin Dellinger including vocals, lyrics, engineering, and production.

Kevin is a Generation X Post-Punk influenced songwriter. Many influences come from band and artists like Pink Floyd, R.E.M., U2, New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Underworld, Psychedelic Furs, Human League, and Bjork.

Equipment and Software used through the years:
Kurzweil Synthesizer, Fruity Loops Studio, Ableton Live,
Audacity, Novation Midi, and Reason 8.0.

Much hard work and time has been put into songwriting. 
Kevin has been a composer almost his whole life. His music is a part of His Soul. All emotions are filtered through His music as an outlet. It is a gift from God to have a way to relieve with His pain and suffering through His music. Music also brings Him joy. 



First Place in Songwriter & Vocalist. 
Silver Wings Records.
Nashville TN 1995.

First Place in Songwriter & Vocalist. Silver Wings Records. Nashville TN 1995.

Music genres include electronic, alternative, synth pop, electronica, dance, dancehall, trance, indie, edm, electro pop, darkwave, trance, chillout, neo-classical, country and experimental.

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