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Elon Musk is Not Bitcoin Use Common Sense When Investing 

Hello fans and listeners,

I do not know how many will read this blog post. But I have an opinion on what is happening with Crypto. It is total and utter manipulation. Elon Musk is a billionaire. He is already wealthy. He wants Bitcoin for himself. What is the best way for him to buy it all up for a cheaper price? FEAR. So he goes on SNL discouraging Doge. Then he states that he will no longer be accepting Bitcoin payments due to climate change. This is total and utter Manure. For one thing, if you were a billionaire you would want to get rid of the competition. So now he is discouraging mining pools. The reason why He is doing this is because Mining pools are also manipulating Bitcoin. So the best way to get rid of Bitcoin miners is for him to get political on climate change.

Folks, it takes common sense to see the clear picture. You are not Elon Musk. Bitcoin is not Elon Musk. The mining pools are also not Bitcoin. If you want to invest in crypto, you should do so without fear. Because I got news for you, Bitcoin is not going anywhere. If you sell your Bitcoin, they will buy your Bitcoin. If you sell your Doge, they will buy your Doge. Then the rich get richer and the discouraged fearful small investor loses their money. Use common sense. Stop letting these wealthy public figures tell you how you should invest your money. It is a game. Learn how to play it.

The mining pools are not going to stop manipulating the market. Also, Elon Musk is not going to stop investing in Crypto. So why should you be left out in the cold. If the prices drop, you should buy more Crypto. When the market goes red, that is a buying opportunity. It is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. But, if you sell your Crypto due to fear, you gain nothing. Go long term when the market gets bad. Eventually the market will correct itself. HODL when the fear train comes.


Kevin Dellinger


Musicoin is Making a Comeback on the Skale Network 

Hello fans and listeners,

Many of you know that I like music crypto. In this blog post, I will announce the fact that Musicoin has a new team. They are developing a better system for Musicoin. They are now joining the Skale Network. If you go on the Musicoin website, you will notice that it may not load. Not to worry. They are working behind the scenes to bring everything back.

In the near future, you will also be able to connect your wallet to Musicoin. The very popular Metamask will be able to connect as well. I am not sure when all of this will happen. However, I know they are talking about coming back sometime this year in 2021.

The Skale Network is a solid company. They have many clients that rent blockchain space. You can purchase Skale blockchain space with Skale (SKL) tokens. So any developer can rent space from Skale. Skale works with Etherium. So, you can also use Uniswap to swap your tokens to SKL. Musicoin may have that same option once it gets up and running again.

SKL is excellent with latency, no gas fees, and security. So this will make Musicoin much more efficient. Because Musicoin will be running on a DEFI network. The fees are paid in advance by the clients. How? When a developer rents space on SKL, they pay up front with SKL tokens. So two good investments in the future are Musicoin and SKL. I am a believer. I support their mission. I am a musician. I support Musicoin.

If you want to listen to my music, check out my store. I do wish Musicoin lots of good blessings. I hope this information was helpful. Peace.

Kevin Dellinger



Crypto Market Manipulation Creates a Bloody Sunday 

Crypto Market Manipulation Creates a Bloody Sunday


My experiences in Crypto this year have been very educational. I learned more about the market in the past few weeks than ever before. But the sad thing is that I lost money. I made many stupid mistakes. I learned that the best time to buy crypto is at a low price. However, I learned that even that does not matter in the short term.

I learned that I am not good at day trading. Being a small investor, I learned that day trading is very expensive. Why? Because the gas fees are expensive. The more money you trade, the more money the exchanges take. But that is not the reason why I am writing this article. I am learning that there is something more going on in the crypto currency market. There is something very bad happening. I think the Billionaires are having fun with the small investors.

Small investors are getting excited about the Bull run of 2021. But the short sellers are wrecking the market. I believe that much of this is do to the fact that people do not have jobs. Also, people are looking for a get rich quick scenario. Well, I learned that it is possible, but it takes great patience. It also takes researching the fundamentals of a token or coin.

As a small investor, I learned that there is no way to get rich off of Bitcoin or Ethereum. You need more coins to multiply the profit for greater gains. Also, if you take the risk of investing into an alt coin, there is a greater risk of losing your money. So my strategy, is long term investing into a project I believe in. I decided that it is more spiritually and materially better to invest in something that has great fundamentals. I do not have endless coins to throw around different coins for a big portfolio.

I only have a limited amount of money to invest. So I invested in coins with APY opportunities. There are some coins that are worth researching for long term investing to accrue interest. As a small investor, if you do this strategy, you no longer care about the short selling. It takes away the stress of worrying if you are going to lose your money. So, only invest money that you can afford to lose.

But the main reason why I am writing this article is to let you know that the crypto currency market is being manipulated. There are certain people that are dumping or selling the coins to bring the price down. I noticed this tends to happen frequently on a Sunday. I do know who is doing this. But I am sure some of you know as well. The unfortunate thing is that when these huge sell offs happen, it hurts small investors in the short term. So be aware of short term day trading in an unstable market.

There are many people out there that are wealthy that are manipulating the crypto currency market on purpose. The rich are getting richer. The poor are getting poorer. That same greedy mentality is very hectic in the crypto universe. It is too bad there is no way to control the market manipulation. Maybe in the future they can control the percentage of sell offs. But for now, it is like the wild wild west in crypto currency. Crypto is still too new before the future can solve this problem for new small investors.

I only hope the crypto universe improves in selling and buying. I agree it is fine to take profits from short selling. It is healthy to create dips in the market for buying. However, the huge dumps hurts the market. Bitcoin and Ethereum control all the other coins. There is a network. That is why you see so much red. So maybe they should call it "Bloody Sunday." Many small investors have families. They need a chance to get into the crypto market without losing all their money short term. Many people are in need right now. We need to stop the market manipulation. So coders get to work to help the market become a much better safer place. Peace be with you.


Kevin Dellinger

Kevin Dellinger

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How to Gain Wealth Earning Ethereum with Forsage 


How to Gain Wealth Earning Ethereum with Forsage

Forsage is a marketing program to earn Ethereum. In order to make money with Forsage, you must work for it. It is not a scam. However, some people have said it is a scam because when they first join, they do not earn anything right away. This blog post will explain on how it works, You can make it work if you put in the work. If you expect to just make Spillover ETH, you may be waiting a long time. Also, be weary of joining the wrong team. Some people join and they leave it behind. But once you pay 0.05 ETH plus Gas fees with Metamask, you get a Smart Contract for Life in X3 and X4.

I have come up with a strategy where you can earn. Read on if you are still interested:

All you need to do is be a Team Builder. You can surpass the people above you by recruiting more people. The more people you recruit through your affiliate link the more ETH you will earn. People get impatient. They get frustrated when they realize they have to work for their wealth. But this is the real world. Everything takes energy and effort. However, I have a plan.

Join under my link:


Now, all you need to do is recruit 3 good hard working people. After you join, market your affiliate link.

You will have X3 and X4. If each hard worker adds 3 people. They will earn and build their teams.

Everyone gets paid because we will be connected to the same Network.

Your potential in making large amounts of money is Huge!

We are talking 6 figures.

I have been honest with you. You will not get instant gratification. you will have to wait a very long time before you start earning unless you recruit 3 people. Recruit 3 hard earners and they will be working for you. You earn what they earn. If those 3 hard earners recruit 3 people, it grows. See my point? Make sure you build a good team. That is very important.

Watch this video for more info:

Forsage is a marketing program. It is an opportunity for you to gain wealth and get out of poverty.

You can go on youtube and learn more about Forsage. There are many videos about it.

I would appreciate it, if you decide to join, support my team.

This means, now you have an opportunity to help your family. 

If we all help each other, we can get out of debt.

Our Dreams can Come True. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about Forsage.

#Ethreum is a great crypto-currency. It is a Smart Contract. It is un-hackable and secure.

Use your marketing skills to build your Forsage business.

Some great ideas: Market website pages, make videos, and use your Social Media.

Here is more information on Forsage!


Good Luck!


Electronic Cowboy - Alternative Electronic Country Album 

In the works - Electronic Cowboy is a unique album. It has Kevin Dellinger's unique original style of songwriting integrated with the Country genre. This is not your ordinary album. It is a one of a kind creative challenge. So far, only one track has been produced. However, as time goes by, Kevin will write more music to add to the electronic alternative country project. Here is the album cover:

Stay tuned, there will be more updates on this project as time moves on through 2021. Here is the first exclusive track that is on SoundCloud. This is the first track to the future album, Electronic Cowboy. 


Kevin Dellinger

Twitter: @DellingerMusic



Here is the Answer to Everything 


I am talking about spiritual love. Many do not know of this. Many do not believe in this. But it is real. Humans are spiritual by nature. But unfortunately, the way our society is designed we are more focused on the mind. The mind is a good tool. However, spiritual love is the connection to everything. It may take many life times for Humanity to understand this.

People are waking up. There is hope. There is so much good out there that isn't seen out in the open. Many hide their good deeds. Many may find it to be a weakness. But the truth is Spiritual Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It can calm the greatest storm. It can heal many wounds. It can bring everyone together. It can change the world.

Humanity is always in a hurry. Humanity is always looking for power, wealth, domination, manipulation, and self serving ideologies that may not fit into the next Era. We are entering a deeper phase of creation in our galaxy. Our choices will determine our fate. If you understand this messasge, you are on the path to greater understanding of what life is all about.


Kevin Dellinger

Twitter: @DellingerMusic

My Goals for 2021 - Music and More 

Hello Fans and Listeners,

This is an update. Right now I am working on two music projects. One is an electronic Country album. This album will take quite sometime. However, this will have nothing but Songwriting tracks. I already have the first track completed. The name of the album will be called: Electronic Cowboy.

Electronic Cowboy by Kevin Dellinger

The next music project will be an electronic album called: DEEP

Deep by Kevin Dellinger

Both of these albums will probably be released this year in 2021.

I am also working on building up my music crypto and music catalog. I may also pursue some music opportunities. Music licensing is also a long term goal.

I will update the website as the music flows. I hope you have a wonderful year. Many blessings to you.


Kevin Dellinger

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Questions and Answers on Awakening 

Q&A on Awakening  
by Kevin Dellinger 

I channeled answers from my Higher Spirit. I was feeling a little down. So I wanted to go deeper into the Spirit Realm to get some answers to some questions. Now keep in mind, this is only for entertainment. But the advice given in this channeling session seems to be very wise and helpful. So I wanted to share it with you. If I can help someone with this information then that makes me feel better.

Question: What is a Soul? 
Answer: A Soul is a separate but part of the whole of universal consciousness. 

Question: What is consciousness? 
Answer: Consciousness is awareness. 

Question: Where does consciousness come from? 
Answer: Consciousness comes from every living thing in the Universe. This includes all dimensions. Even energetic Ethereal realms. 

Question: What is an Ethereal Realm? 
Answer: This is an energetic non physical realm of awareness. These realms often have Souls that are working on either growing closer to the light or their darkness. 

Question: Is there a choice on our spiritual path? 
Answer: We all have free will. 

Question: Why is God punishing us? 
Answer: We are punishing ourselves. 

Question: Is there a way we can end the pain? 
Answer: Love 

Question: What is the biggest challenge we face today? 
Answer: Love 

Question: Why do some people reject the idea of a God or Love? 
Answer: It is easier to blame. It gives them the freedom to harm others without worrying about the consequences. 
However, most people are unaware of the Universal Laws. 

Question: What are the universal laws? 
Answer: You get what you think. You get what you put out into the world. It comes back to you. If you harm someone, you harm yourself. 
If you love someone, you grow that love energy. Therefore: 
1. Loving actions create more Love. 
2. Non loving actions create more non loving actions. 
3. Energy goes out and energy comes back in. 

Question: How do you find happiness? 
Answer: Love. Embrace your inner world. Grow within. Release Love out. 
Grow Love within. Release Love out. Repeat the process. 
Gratitude. Balance. Accountability. Loving choices. 

Question: Why do people get depressed? 
Answer: People think and depend on the external world. They base their reality on ohter people. They have not developed their consciousness or their inner love energy. Therefore they only feel the Darkness. Most people live in Darkness. Therefore, they only perceive their reality in Darkness. 

Question: How do we find Love? 
Answer: You are love. But to start: Humility. Forgiveness. Inner Peace. Go within. Take time for yourself. Feel the love energy around you. Feel the love in Nature. 
Stop thinking about the external reality. Quiet the mind. Feel your Soul. Then Love will bloom like a Flower. 

Question: Why do people get lonely? 
Answer: They have no love. They yearn to express their love but isolate themselves. Therefore they can only love themselves. But many are in Darkness and do not comprehend love. Therefore, they do not know how to share it. So they end up alone. 

Question: Is there a God? 
Answer: We are all God. 

Question: Is there a Devil? 
Answer: We create the Devil. It is only real when you embrace only the Darkness. You are what you believe. 

Question: So everything is Energy? 
Answer: Yes. Everything has a Polarity.  

Your perceived reality is your focus. Your focus creates your reality. 
Your reality changes depending upon your focus.

The Development of My Music and My Spiritual Life Journey 

It all started when I felt a presence beyond time. This energy was subtle. It was a feeling. It was a gentle feeling of knowing. I taught myself how to play the keyboard by learning the different letters that were on the keys. Once I learned the different sounds, I integrated the sounds into a form of language in my mind. This language was a communication that formed feelings and images. I then began to write the words. The words were not normal words. They were different lessons of wisdom. This knowledge seemed to have been brought forth from another source. That source was unknown at the time.

I guess you could say it was a form of intuition. This intuition guided me as I went along my journey. Different styles of music influenced me. I would then try to duplicate the sounds and styles. I then incorporated the styles to form a style of my own that suited my own vibration. Or I could just say, I created a form of music that helped me understand life. I spent much time alone. So I constantly felt comfortable with this energy.

This is how I progressed with my music. Many people say it is a gift. But I say it was a form of communication from a source of consciousness. This mental energy had no name. It was more like a reflection from a large pool of energy. Everything I felt reflected back to me into the form of sound. Although I spent much time alone in the physical world. I never felt alone. This encouraged me that I was put here on this planet to be on some sort of spiritual mission. But when I got older, I realized it was me reacting to the form of energy. I had to rationalize it somehow in my mind. So that is what moved me forward with my music.

In conclusion, many people did not relate to what I was communicating. I found out later, that the world was not ready. Much of the culture was still in the lower vibrational realm. This is why I often get listeners from different countries. This is a fact. The world is in a sad state. I hope I have helped a few people a long the way. I am now in my late 40s. I am waiting for another sign. Because all that I have worked for in regards to my music seems to be at a stand still.

I am now in the year 2020. It is clear that the world is not going to be the same anymore. Has my journey come to an end? Only time will tell.


Kevin Dellinger




Songs of Fear and Commitment Re-Released in 2020 

This album was originally recorded in 2004 and 2005. It was released in 2007. But somehow, there was a Mandela effect and it got lost in the woo woo. So, this year I officially announce that this album will be released ASAP. This album is one of my best. It also has my wife, Melissa Dellinger with me in the vocals. Soon you will see it in Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. I know that some of you like the song, Boogie On Down. I am sure some of you have already heard some of the tunes on this album. Well now it has been distributed September 14th 2020. So enjoy. Be on the lookout for this album. You can also download this album on this website. Peace.