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Equality Peace and Love for All 

Hello Fans and Listeners,

We are living in challenging times. It is important to remember that we are all Humans. We need to understand that all races should be created equal. If there is injustice, find the source and correct it. However, other innocent people should not suffer from the injustice act of one person. There are many people that need to be educated in morality. Ethics is very important. Also, we need to be kind to one another. We need to learn to love each other. Be more forgiving. Understand that we are all suffering. 

Part of the problem is that the system is broken. When there are no jobs, people cannot support their families. So the system must provide for the people until jobs can be created for the people. However, it does no good to destroy your own community. We are all connected. You should protect your community. Also, you should realize that we are all family. We are all Human. We are the children of God. We should not be divided. 

If you act out in anger, you will get anger. Your choices are important. You must be wise in these times. You should also be patient. It takes time to heal from a crisis. It takes time to plan. It takes time to create new positive productive choices to help your community. We are all in this together. I support the people. However, I also support a government that should care about its people. As long as the people are divided, there is Chaos. You cannot sustain a civilization with Chaos. Your children depend on you. Your grandchildren need a future. If there is to be change, make it a positive change.

We are in a spiritual battle. Find the light inside of your heart. Meditate on your Soul. We are better than this. We have the potential to make a great universe. We are creators. Remember. Reflect on your divine power. Release the negative past. Start a new loving future. If you make it to the other side of this challenging time, make every choice and action count for something good for everyone.


Kevin Dellinger

We are Entering Unknown Territory 

Hello fans and listeners,

We are living in uncertain times. Go within to find the answers. Although we all face challenges, we survive.

Right now I am taking a break. It has been a long journey. I have 38 albums under my belt. I am moving at a slower pace.

I am observing the world. I am concerned. The world keeps turning. But will Humanity figure out how to create a better world?

Only time will tell.

For now, I am writing a new dance album. The progress is slow. But the music is high quality.

Be safe. Take care of your family. Have faith.


Kevin Dellinger

How to Deal with Anxiety 


During this pandemic, we are all dealing with isolation. However, you may be feeling anxiety due to the fact that your purpose has been taken away. You have been stripped of your life goals. You are now in time out. So you begin to feel anxious. Why? You are looking for the outside world to give you answers.

I am here to tell you that looking outside is the wrong direction. You must go within and make peace with yourself. Your purpose is to absorb the love of the world. Your purpose is to connect to the light source of creation. This does not require some physical goal. All this requires is meditation.

Once you make peace. Once you find peace. Share it with others. Also, get creative. Write a book. Do some artwork. Write music. Write poetry. Learn how to cook. Take some time for yourself. Instead of feeling lost, get connected with nature. Connect with others through love. This is your purpose. Be a part of everything. Enjoy life.

This isolation is temporary. So enjoy the time you have to better yourself. Lots of love to you.


Kevin Dellinger

Twitter: @ilikecokekd

We Will Survive This Pandemic 

Hello fellow Humans,

Take this time to look inward. Get to know yourself more. In times of change, we often have to reflect on our journey. The world is changing. I do believe that there will be many positive changes made after the pandemic. Much of what we took for granted will be more appreciated. Maybe this will help some of us become more compassionate to others. But either way, I feel that we will get through this. It is not the end of the world.

With every ending is a new beginning. Much of the darkness, evil, and negative attitudes among our culture will be of the past. People are tired of being dragged in the mud. There will be many changes in our world cultures to make our lives more meaningful. We will become more loving. Life is a gift. It is not a curse.

All those that tried to live in greed, deception, and sin will now be in the spotlight. Only we can save ourselves. We are a community. It is time for many to mature. Wipe away those tears. Get out of bed. Find a goal that will help motivate you. We are all here for each other. This is a temporary time. We are being tested. Let go of the fear. Embrace the positive changes ahead. You can make a positive difference in your own way. 

You do not have to be perfect. Just have good intentions. Truth will set you free. The path of truth will lead you to the light. In that light you will find the natural radiant love of the universe. Meditate. Relax. Do not get caught up in the fear drama energy. If you do, it could lead you down a very dark path. Look at it like this: If you were the last Human on Earth, what direction would you create to start a new race? I would say that most of you would want a loving peaceful prosperous world.

Why? Because love is in your heart. This is what we are all about. Peace be with all of you.

Coronavirus Update - Kevin Dellinger 

Hello Fans and Listeners. I wish everyone good health. Use common sense in these challenging times. Avoid using fear and panic. Instead, embrace compassion. Humanity is being tested. Know that my prayers are with all of you. We shall overcome. In the coming days there may be constrictions placed among your current lifestyle. However, one thing that cannot be taken away is your Soul. Use meditation to find your center in all situations. Evolve, adapt, and love. The wrong direction of the world can be altered to a more productive motivational way of living. But first you must purge all negative emotions, fear, and anxiety. Do this by finding the light within. Your internal light is the beacon for others that may need it. We are a family. Decipher evil intentions. Embrace like minded people. Communicate. Plan. Survive. I shine my light to all of you. Peace be with you. - If you want a live update on the Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Influenza Outbreak, please visit Contagion Live.

Music Update for March 2020 

Angels of Atonement by Kevin Dellinger has now been released in major online music stores. If you like chillout relaxing electronic music, check it out. I am also currently working on a new alternative album called - Silent Voices. It is different than most albums I have released recently. It is more like the older style of music I wrote in the early 2000s. It is unclear when this album will be released. However, I will keep you informed. Thank you for visiting

Knowing Is The Answer 

Knowing Is The Answer

by Kevin Dellinger

Written 1991

I have been thinking

I was sitting in my room

My mind was only talking

Of an attractive woman


It was dark as the moon

Bounced from my moist skin

If I only knew what

She was considering


If her spirit would at least

Pass through my heart


Knowing is the answer

The answer receives no question

Just a simple suggestion


If you are choosing me

You will be happy as my

Magic vibrates your senses


There will be no reason

For any defenses

Knowing is the answer


The breath from your voice

Is melting my ears

Your unknown thoughts

Are bringing me to tears


Tell me how you are feeling

Save me from my curiosity

I want the presence

Of your good company


You are my success

Destroy your cloak of darkness

The breath from your voice

Is melting my ears

The Crying Soul 

The Crying Soul

by Kevin Dellinger

Written 1991

I was walking through the trees

The sunlight reflecting like a maze

The dead leaves covered the ground

I stopped and listened to the sound


Darkness approached me

Which gave me eyes of despair

I am lonely but no one cares

What can I do to change this?


The sound is of crying

The crying of a Soul

My powerful spirit is baroque from Above


Egos are not of importance

The meaning is false

That is why lives are devoted

In destroying the Cross


I am from the wrong Century

Miniver Cheevy is my friend

I need some psychic powers

Or maybe just pretend