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Here is the Answer to Everything 


I am talking about spiritual love. Many do not know of this. Many do not believe in this. But it is real. Humans are spiritual by nature. But unfortunately, the way our society is designed we are more focused on the mind. The mind is a good tool. However, spiritual love is the connection to everything. It may take many life times for Humanity to understand this.

People are waking up. There is hope. There is so much good out there that isn't seen out in the open. Many hide their good deeds. Many may find it to be a weakness. But the truth is Spiritual Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It can calm the greatest storm. It can heal many wounds. It can bring everyone together. It can change the world.

Humanity is always in a hurry. Humanity is always looking for power, wealth, domination, manipulation, and self serving ideologies that may not fit into the next Era. We are entering a deeper phase of creation in our galaxy. Our choices will determine our fate. If you understand this messasge, you are on the path to greater understanding of what life is all about.


Kevin Dellinger

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Dreams Come True with Ethereum and Forsage 

Hello Fans and Listeners,

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Kevin Dellinger


Kevin Dellinger

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My Goals for 2021 - Music and More 

Hello Fans and Listeners,

This is an update. Right now I am working on two music projects. One is an electronic Country album. This album will take quite sometime. However, this will have nothing but Songwriting tracks. I already have the first track completed. The name of the album will be called: Electronic Cowboy.

Electronic Cowboy by Kevin Dellinger

The next music project will be an electronic album called: DEEP

Deep by Kevin Dellinger

Both of these albums will probably be released this year in 2021.

I am also working on building up my music crypto and music catalog. I may also pursue some music opportunities. Music licensing is also a long term goal.

I will update the website as the music flows. I hope you have a wonderful year. Many blessings to you.


Kevin Dellinger

Twitter: @DellingerMusic

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Questions and Answers on Awakening 

Q&A on Awakening  
by Kevin Dellinger 

I channeled answers from my Higher Spirit. I was feeling a little down. So I wanted to go deeper into the Spirit Realm to get some answers to some questions. Now keep in mind, this is only for entertainment. But the advice given in this channeling session seems to be very wise and helpful. So I wanted to share it with you. If I can help someone with this information then that makes me feel better.

Question: What is a Soul? 
Answer: A Soul is a separate but part of the whole of universal consciousness. 

Question: What is consciousness? 
Answer: Consciousness is awareness. 

Question: Where does consciousness come from? 
Answer: Consciousness comes from every living thing in the Universe. This includes all dimensions. Even energetic Ethereal realms. 

Question: What is an Ethereal Realm? 
Answer: This is an energetic non physical realm of awareness. These realms often have Souls that are working on either growing closer to the light or their darkness. 

Question: Is there a choice on our spiritual path? 
Answer: We all have free will. 

Question: Why is God punishing us? 
Answer: We are punishing ourselves. 

Question: Is there a way we can end the pain? 
Answer: Love 

Question: What is the biggest challenge we face today? 
Answer: Love 

Question: Why do some people reject the idea of a God or Love? 
Answer: It is easier to blame. It gives them the freedom to harm others without worrying about the consequences. 
However, most people are unaware of the Universal Laws. 

Question: What are the universal laws? 
Answer: You get what you think. You get what you put out into the world. It comes back to you. If you harm someone, you harm yourself. 
If you love someone, you grow that love energy. Therefore: 
1. Loving actions create more Love. 
2. Non loving actions create more non loving actions. 
3. Energy goes out and energy comes back in. 

Question: How do you find happiness? 
Answer: Love. Embrace your inner world. Grow within. Release Love out. 
Grow Love within. Release Love out. Repeat the process. 
Gratitude. Balance. Accountability. Loving choices. 

Question: Why do people get depressed? 
Answer: People think and depend on the external world. They base their reality on ohter people. They have not developed their consciousness or their inner love energy. Therefore they only feel the Darkness. Most people live in Darkness. Therefore, they only perceive their reality in Darkness. 

Question: How do we find Love? 
Answer: You are love. But to start: Humility. Forgiveness. Inner Peace. Go within. Take time for yourself. Feel the love energy around you. Feel the love in Nature. 
Stop thinking about the external reality. Quiet the mind. Feel your Soul. Then Love will bloom like a Flower. 

Question: Why do people get lonely? 
Answer: They have no love. They yearn to express their love but isolate themselves. Therefore they can only love themselves. But many are in Darkness and do not comprehend love. Therefore, they do not know how to share it. So they end up alone. 

Question: Is there a God? 
Answer: We are all God. 

Question: Is there a Devil? 
Answer: We create the Devil. It is only real when you embrace only the Darkness. You are what you believe. 

Question: So everything is Energy? 
Answer: Yes. Everything has a Polarity.  

Your perceived reality is your focus. Your focus creates your reality. 
Your reality changes depending upon your focus.

The Development of My Music and My Spiritual Life Journey 

It all started when I felt a presence beyond time. This energy was subtle. It was a feeling. It was a gentle feeling of knowing. I taught myself how to play the keyboard by learning the different letters that were on the keys. Once I learned the different sounds, I integrated the sounds into a form of language in my mind. This language was a communication that formed feelings and images. I then began to write the words. The words were not normal words. They were different lessons of wisdom. This knowledge seemed to have been brought forth from another source. That source was unknown at the time.

I guess you could say it was a form of intuition. This intuition guided me as I went along my journey. Different styles of music influenced me. I would then try to duplicate the sounds and styles. I then incorporated the styles to form a style of my own that suited my own vibration. Or I could just say, I created a form of music that helped me understand life. I spent much time alone. So I constantly felt comfortable with this energy.

This is how I progressed with my music. Many people say it is a gift. But I say it was a form of communication from a source of consciousness. This mental energy had no name. It was more like a reflection from a large pool of energy. Everything I felt reflected back to me into the form of sound. Although I spent much time alone in the physical world. I never felt alone. This encouraged me that I was put here on this planet to be on some sort of spiritual mission. But when I got older, I realized it was me reacting to the form of energy. I had to rationalize it somehow in my mind. So that is what moved me forward with my music.

In conclusion, many people did not relate to what I was communicating. I found out later, that the world was not ready. Much of the culture was still in the lower vibrational realm. This is why I often get listeners from different countries. This is a fact. The world is in a sad state. I hope I have helped a few people a long the way. I am now in my late 40s. I am waiting for another sign. Because all that I have worked for in regards to my music seems to be at a stand still.

I am now in the year 2020. It is clear that the world is not going to be the same anymore. Has my journey come to an end? Only time will tell.


Kevin Dellinger




Songs of Fear and Commitment Re-Released in 2020 

This album was originally recorded in 2004 and 2005. It was released in 2007. But somehow, there was a Mandela effect and it got lost in the woo woo. So, this year I officially announce that this album will be released ASAP. This album is one of my best. It also has my wife, Melissa Dellinger with me in the vocals. Soon you will see it in Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. I know that some of you like the song, Boogie On Down. I am sure some of you have already heard some of the tunes on this album. Well now it has been distributed September 14th 2020. So enjoy. Be on the lookout for this album. You can also download this album on this website. Peace.

Recent Releases in July 

Music Update: I have released a new single. It is a cover song written by Mick Jagger. The song is called "As Tears Go By." This song was released in 1964 by Marianne Faithfull. My version has been released in 2020. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.

Also Secret Sinsations was released early. The music distribution is through SoundCloud. This will be my first release through SoundCloud. This will be an electronic album. There are 7 tracks. Only time will tell if this service is good. I have three other music distribution services I am using including Distrokid, CD Baby and LANDR.

I may look into using some of the promotion services that are available through SoundCloud to see if it makes it any better than the other three services. I have a Pro Membership with SoundCloud. Music distribution is part of that service. It is something new they released in 2019.

You can download Secret Sinsations on this website. Check it out in the New Music section of my website. 


Kevin Dellinger


Secret Sinsations this Fall 2020 

Secret Sinsations is an electronic album by Kevin Dellinger that will be released this Fall. It will have multiple genres including dance, synthpop, indie and alternative. Kevin likes to do his own thing. Being an independent artist allows freedom with creativity. Bound by no contracts, Kevin always mixes it up. All of the music is composed and produced by Kevin Dellinger. Here is a preview of the album cover.

The Broken System 

The Broken System

It takes a tragedy to reveal the weaknesses of a system that does not work. The usual response is "Get a Job!"" However, the cost of living is way too high for the system to sustain a decent quality of life. Politics and greed gets in the way for the system to work for everyone. People will do anything to keep a position of power. The reason is simple - We are living in a serving self society. The only way for a system to work is for everyone is to serve others.

The Roman based system of self preservation immediately creates a culture of "Every man for himself." But in this particular situation in 2020, "Every Human for One's Self." It has been like this for thousands of years. However, Humans are evolving. People are waking up to the fact that the system is broken. Racism is a mask to the real problem. Not only do African Americans live in poverty, all other races live in poverty as well. It took a tragedy to shake the economy. What is left is broken parts of economic disparity.

A whole new government must be implemented. I am not talking about Communism. I am not talking about getting rid of Freedom either. I am talking about creating a new system that is not broken. These are the facts. It is very difficult for everyone to gain employment. Businesses do not pay enough for families to live. The higher paying jobs have too many firewalls to prevent outsiders to gain a decent job. They make the certifications so challenging that it is almost impossible for a regular citizen to get that high paying job. The rest of the citizens suffer in poverty as a result.

Education comes at a very high cost. Basic needs are even difficult to sustain with such a broken system. We need more than just reform in police. We need reform in government. How much blood will be spilled in the streets before Humans wake up to the fact that the system is broken? The greedy hands are clutching to power. The common citizen is suffering from a self serving world.

We must care for each other if we are to survive as a race. Fighting will not solve this problem. The old ways do not work any more. This is truth. Politics must be removed in government completely for any ideas come to reality in forming a serving others society. Racism must also come to an end. We are all here together. Let us start working together to fix this Broken System.

Kevin Dellinger

Twitter: @DellingerMusic

Equality Peace and Love for All 

Hello Fans and Listeners,

We are living in challenging times. It is important to remember that we are all Humans. We need to understand that all races should be created equal. If there is injustice, find the source and correct it. However, other innocent people should not suffer from the injustice act of one person. There are many people that need to be educated in morality. Ethics is very important. Also, we need to be kind to one another. We need to learn to love each other. Be more forgiving. Understand that we are all suffering. 

Part of the problem is that the system is broken. When there are no jobs, people cannot support their families. So the system must provide for the people until jobs can be created for the people. However, it does no good to destroy your own community. We are all connected. You should protect your community. Also, you should realize that we are all family. We are all Human. We are the children of God. We should not be divided. 

If you act out in anger, you will get anger. Your choices are important. You must be wise in these times. You should also be patient. It takes time to heal from a crisis. It takes time to plan. It takes time to create new positive productive choices to help your community. We are all in this together. I support the people. However, I also support a government that should care about its people. As long as the people are divided, there is Chaos. You cannot sustain a civilization with Chaos. Your children depend on you. Your grandchildren need a future. If there is to be change, make it a positive change.

We are in a spiritual battle. Find the light inside of your heart. Meditate on your Soul. We are better than this. We have the potential to make a great universe. We are creators. Remember. Reflect on your divine power. Release the negative past. Start a new loving future. If you make it to the other side of this challenging time, make every choice and action count for something good for everyone.


Kevin Dellinger