Hello fans and visitors. Not only have I dedicated my life to writing and composing music, I am also an independent Author. Here in this section, I have placed the books I have written over the years into the area below. When I get inspired to write a book, It is a rare event. Each book is special. Take the time to look at the preview of each book. There are kindle and paperback versions which are sold on Amazon. Thank you for visiting my book section of the website.

The Angel Chronicles: Requiem of Jariel

Category: Fiction

Here is the Paperback version of "Requiem of Jariel" sold on Amazon.

This is a science fiction book about Ancient History concerning the lost continent of Atlantis.

Also the main character is an Angel who is part of the Angelic Council.

This is a story that includes visiting parallel realities, alternate dimensions and time travel. 

Paperback Price: $19.99 - BUY HERE


Enchanted Dragons Coloring Book

Category: Adult Coloring Books

If you like Dragons, this is a great Coloring Book. Artwork by Kevin Dellinger.

This coloring book contains 30 pages of original drawings of Dragons.

If you like coloring, this will keep you busy for quite a while.

Each drawing is original and unique. This coloring book is perfect for people that like Dragons.

Paperback Price: $12.99 - BUY HERE

Your Soul Mate

Category: Romance / Self Help

Here is the Paperback version of "Your Soul Mate" sold on Amazon.

This is a self help book about relationships. It will help you prepare for the dating game. It will also help you understand about how relationships work. This book will guide you and prevent you from making mistakes. Your Soul Mate is waiting. Buy this book to give you an edge on what to look for. It may save you from getting involved in a very bad relationship.

Paperback Price: $19.99 - BUY HERE

Ebook Price: $9.99

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