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This music file is in .wav format. Copyright owned by Kevin Dellinger. This song was inspired by Elvis Presley.


Will You Follow Me?
by Kevin Dellinger

When the End comes
Will you hold my hand?
If the Shadows take over
Will we search for love?
Will we find the light?
With a Promise land of Peace

Will you follow me?
Into the Wilderness
Will you follow me?
In this new found Glory

Where the flowers grow
Will you walk with me?
When the towers grow
Will we fly in the clouds together?
Will you take my hand?
To the Glory land <G> of Peace?

Will you follow me?
Cherish our Family
Will you follow me?
In a Utopian society

Will you follow me?
In this Dream of Heaven
Will you follow me?
To the Divine Plan of Love