1. Life of Regret
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When it changed my life
I knew that it would never change
The deeper I fell
I would struggle to be in the past
I fell apart with rage
losing the only thing I thought would last
Now I move ahead
with emptiness instead
What happened to me?

Even if you slip away I will care for you anyway
Even if you endured me day by day
I will still embrace you anyway

I'm sorry for the mistakes
Things just got in the way
Forgive but don't forget

I knew what it would take
but I still went the other way
Now I live and grow in regret

Even if you are no longer here
I will still remember you anyway
Even if you don't care
You are still a part of me anyway

Even if I live my life in regret
I hope I learned anyway
Even if you are gone forever
I will still love you anyway